Recommender system: a new way to find books to read

Recommender system: a new way to find books to read

Mar 12, 2019

We would like to present our new and important update. About 2 weeks ago we launched a download recommendation system. The book page now displays other books that may also be useful and interesting for you.

You can have a look at the first results of the system, for example, on these books:

Thermal Remote Sensing in Land Surface Processes
The Python Book: The Ultimate Guide to Coding with Python
Biblical interpretation of the early church

We started collecting statistics only a little more than 2 weeks ago, so recommendations are available only for a limited list of books (just over 100,000 at the time of publication). Over time, the number of books containing recommendations will grow.

This is a great service, as 'full text search' is. If it would technically be possible to have a >back< button in (a) the long run of recommendations?
13 March 2019 (00:13) 
Thank you~! The better it gets, the better it gets here at the Z Library :)
13 March 2019 (06:26) 
I see the application in the small parameters identified. But what about a searcher like me? i am looking "how to find like minded individuals on the internet and grassroots organize them." I am also interested in over 200 other concepts and applications about which few books have been written. Bill Norton
13 March 2019 (07:26) 
Thank you it is really good..
13 March 2019 (12:21) 
Wanyonyi Oscar Wamalwa
Thanks so much
13 March 2019 (12:58) 
eDook · 電子書
Thank you
13 March 2019 (13:21) 
Yes, I have seen the first examples during my recent searches. Another great addition to the service! Well done!
13 March 2019 (18:03) 
great people
always have great ideas!!
13 March 2019 (19:50) 
I appreciate your efforts!
13 March 2019 (21:53) 
Thanks mate
14 March 2019 (01:42) 
thanks for your efforts!
14 March 2019 (12:46) 
Thank you it's very good
14 March 2019 (16:01) 
Thanks a lot
14 March 2019 (18:36) 
John Paul
Really, it is being a great blessing to readers especially Biblical readers. very and every thankful. by John Paul G
14 March 2019 (19:48) 
thanks for your great services.
I recommend design a bot for telegram and automatic download via telegram.
14 March 2019 (21:02) 
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to read almost unlimited books for free!
14 March 2019 (21:37) 
Arif Priyo
A recommendation is better but please be a concern about what we recommend. I think a book worm does not need suggestion all s/he concern about available books in a required format. But It's a good idea.
14 March 2019 (23:11) 
A useful service
15 March 2019 (02:30) 
Thank you for making knowledge accessible!
15 March 2019 (04:18) 
Thank you for the good work, for making research easy
15 March 2019 (06:35) 
Thank you very much, this is amazing
15 March 2019 (09:03) 
15 March 2019 (12:49) 
daniel asfaw
thank you. it is nice and so easy!!!!!!!!
15 March 2019 (14:08) 
Thank you for the excellent help leaving us more able to cope with life in ways to make research easy
15 March 2019 (17:10) 
Raja Riazur Rehman
You are awfully helpful for the readers. Thankful really thankful. I prefer epub or mobi. I shall be grateful if you could provide these along with pdf.
15 March 2019 (17:29) 
it is really helpful for me
15 March 2019 (17:37) 
It is the best bookstore and the largest in the world that I know. I am very grateful for your invaluable
I hope to be able to contribute with a donation
Modest but with a lot of affection and gratitude.
Thank you very much
15 March 2019 (19:48) 
16 March 2019 (19:07) 
This is the best bookstore in the world. Much love and may God bless
16 March 2019 (19:17) 
You are the golden bridge to knowledge, it is up to us to exploit this great opportunity.
God bless you all.

16 March 2019 (21:54) 
Great, this site is very helpful
17 March 2019 (05:38) 
That is a great innovation. Very helpful.
17 March 2019 (11:51) 
You are geniuses
17 March 2019 (14:45) 
Excellent initiative!
18 March 2019 (00:51) 
thx for the new feature
18 March 2019 (11:23) 
Wonderful one. I love this
18 March 2019 (11:51) 
Guido has a viral infection

Thank you for all this fine work!
18 March 2019 (12:25) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
Guido, thanks for the comment! We checked this book and didn't find any virus.
18 March 2019 (14:58) 
Well done! God bless you!
18 March 2019 (15:27) 
Y'all are doing God's work!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
18 March 2019 (16:53) 
This is a great 'add on' feature! It might also be helpful to consider adding older books in this way, too, like Gustav Oehler's magnificent 'Theology Of The Old Testament' - sadly little known today, but an excellent, scholarly yet extremely readable introduction to, and overview of, Biblical Theology and of progressive revelation in the Old Testament ('The acorn contains all of the future oak tree, it has but to steadily grow and develop'). He sadly gave some weighting to the then-popular JEDP theory, but that minor deficiency is massively outweighed by the sheer reverence, massive scholarship and transforming impact of this amazing, and now largely-forgotten, book (Digitized copies it can still be found on Archive.Org). Another comparable book that would be superb for this new 'further reading' feature would be 'The Elements Of Biblical Law', by John Rousas Rushdoony. If ever a book, apart from God's Holy Word itself, caused you to stand in solemn awe and worship, it would be that one! Keep up the fine work - you are changing lives!
18 March 2019 (23:06) 
Sorry I was typing too fast! My second recommendation above should read ''The Institutes Of Biblical Law', by John Rousas Rushdoony...
18 March 2019 (23:14) 
I recommend the books authored by Dr. Mark Rutland. And I'm in extremely happy that I found this website. Sometimes, I paste your website link on other social media because there are some comments there about te topic and there are books here that can help them. Thank you and more power!!!
19 March 2019 (02:51) 
Sounds like a great idea. I would love to get recommendations of related books.
19 March 2019 (06:35) 
Beautiful masterpiece
19 March 2019 (11:18) 
Excellent love it God bless.
19 March 2019 (12:13) 
There is a new problem with this introduction! It does not yield the results as per the input information! Just recommended books appearing! Sad
19 March 2019 (16:27) 
Many thanks for the update. I look forward to using this. More power to your elbow. adeyemi00
19 March 2019 (16:36) 
Great idea, thank for the update, more power
19 March 2019 (19:39) 
Can I get Sales Magic by vikram kamat
19 March 2019 (21:22) 
great thanks guys...really appreciate it
20 March 2019 (09:25) 
Great Thanks!!!
20 March 2019 (11:41) 
Great Thanks!!!
20 March 2019 (11:41) 
Thank u so much z library ...for u great achievement
20 March 2019 (13:48) 
Powerful suggestion! Keep up your great unattainable work.
Fred C.
20 March 2019 (18:37) 
this site is very helpful
20 March 2019 (19:30) 
Book Worm
It is a great and wonderful pathway to knowledge.
21 March 2019 (00:16) 
Much thanks for this.
21 March 2019 (00:53) 
Really like the book cover showing in each row! Hope the site get better and add more powerful features.
21 March 2019 (02:45) 
Didn’t see this area before I sent a note to you via your support address.
I’m just so very thankful to have stumbled across this site!! Amazing service and books! Will send a small donation next paycheck. Overwhelming bills from breast cancer treatments are making things tight, so another reason I’m thankful to find so many books I have wanted for awhile, but really can’t afford at this time. God Bless
21 March 2019 (23:26) 
it is really useful and successful
22 March 2019 (13:47) 
great work devs
22 March 2019 (18:12) 
I donated but my account stayed the sane.
10 May 2019 (04:09) 
Thank you for making knowledge accessible!
11 May 2019 (16:59) 
You are making illegal on-line free eBook copies of two of my books.
that were published by BeWrite Books.

With the demise of BeWrite books, publishing copyright reverted to me as author, and has since been assigned to VIVID PUBLISHING.
As author and copyright owner of the two aforementioned books, I order you to remove both books from you site and ensure that they are no longer available from you as free downloads.
Please confirm this action by return eMail.
Brian Kavanagh
26 June 2019 (04:48) 
Spam Welcomer
Help! I am trapped in some kind of mobile hell! I downloaded a ton of books but they are all bin files. Idk what to do with bin files, and Google isn't helping. What format can I convert/unpack them into to read on my Android?
04 November 2019 (08:03) 
Books that can’t be sent email that are to long then how can I read them.all I get is save to later is there a way that I get read them now.
06 November 2019 (15:20) 
Is the .onion site down? :-(
11 November 2019 (19:14) 
Hello every one,
its a great site for the students and we are getting benefit from it. I am searching a book which i am unable to find on this web. any one could help me in finding it?
By Heddy Zola - Monoclonal Antibodies: A Manual of Techniques: 1st (first) Edition Hardcover – July 31, 1988
by Zola Zola Heddy Zola, Paul M. Vanhoutte (Author)

29 November 2019 (18:30) 
how to down load articles of journals.
31 December 2019 (16:10) 
Afzal Muhammad
Need this book
Effective Teaching Methods: Research-Based Practice by Gary D. Borich.
Anyone can help please.
01 April 2020 (18:13) 
I can understand the value of the recommender, but I sometimes look at books and then they appear in my recommendations and I seem to have no control over that. There are books I don't want to see every time I come to the page. Is there no way to shut the recommendations off>
10 July 2020 (05:14) 
hey i made a reddit for you guys. /r/zlibrary. also will you be making paypal a donation choice? please join the reddit.
30 January 2021 (01:23) 
Some books have an ASIN in the form: B07Z36SBFN or B00JWR2GE0 or B081MXT9PB. Your request system does not accept such a code. What to do?
28 July 2021 (15:29) 
please add a "date" field on "My Favorites" list
17 November 2021 (03:44) 
How to confirm email in z-library.
30 December 2021 (04:59) 
When are you guys gonna upload new books? It's been a few days now that no knew books have been uploaded. Thanks.
02 January 2022 (00:35) 
03 January 2022 (19:07) 
Why do you not accept donations with paypal?
03 January 2022 (20:34) 
I've made a couple of donations and, as such, one of the perks is 'accessing the premium domain'

Can someone detail what the difference is with '' and the regular site? I'm not really seeing any real difference between the two.
06 January 2022 (14:44) 
Please update the request list removing from there the books that are already uploaded.
07 January 2022 (04:15) 
I have downloaded and saved in 'Favorites' several books but I always (with the odd excepties) get a 'bad token' message followed by gobbledygook when I try to see the contents afterwards. In short: I can't access the saved books.
Mailing you from your site to the address provided doesn't work and mails sent from an email provider to your address aren't answered.
What am I doing wrong?
10 January 2022 (22:26) 
While creating book requests, I am not able to enter ASIN numbers.

I am able to enter ONLY ISBN numbers.

Please allow ASIN numbers to be entered while creating book requests.
16 January 2022 (20:39) 
Unble to download books now.
20 January 2022 (00:22) 

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